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Mr. Ou Virak Comments on Mr. Yeng Virak's release

The Cambodian Center for Human Rights' (CCHR) spokesman Ou Virak says that he is not sure whether it is the Phnom Penh municipal court or Mr. Yeng Virak's lawyer who is responsible for Mr. Yeng's release, but he thinks it is the lawyer's appeal that secures Mr. Yeng's release on bond.

Mr. Yeng is the Community Education Legal Center's director. Mr. Yeng's lawyer Huon Chhun Hy says that his client is released on bond Wednesday.

He received a telephone call from the Ministry of Interior confirming the release. The reason for the release is not known and the lawyer waits for the clarification from the court.

He thinks it might be due to international community's pressure.

US Embassy's spokesman Jeff Daigle says that he welcomes the action and that he was informed about the release.