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VOA Exclusive Interview with Yeng Virak Immediately after His Release on Bail

Community Education Legal Center's (CELC) director Yeng Virak who was imprisoned in Prey Sar prison has been released temporarily on bail Wednesday.

He says he has not seen his lawyer yet, and that he would like to see the charges dropped.

He worries about the fates of other activists who are still detained in the same prison: Cambodian Center for Human Rights' (CCHR) president Kem Sokha, CCHR's acting director Pa Nguon Teang, Beehive 105 FM radio station owner Mam Sonando, and Cambodia Independent Teachers' Association's director Rong Chhun. He adds further that he wishes to see these activists released.

His lawyer appeals for his release on bond from the beginning but fails until now. The lawyer says that Mr. Yeng should be released because he has a job and a permanent address.

Mr. Yeng says that in the prison he was allowed to go outside the prison compound about 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, and that he is free to walk around the prison. The prisoners are allowed to visit one another briefly.

Mr. Yeng also says that there was no pressure or coercion on him to confess. Since the charges have not been officially dropped, he still faces them.

He says he heard rumors about the international pressure but not directly from any radio broadcast, because radios are not allowed in the prison.

He expresses his thanks to the international community, the UNHCR, the embassies, the civil societies, and the court for being instrumental in his release.