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Cambodian Government Has A Double Standard

There were reactions mocking the government for its double standard practice regarding the arrests of Cambodian Center for Human Rights' (CCHR) president Kem Sokha, and Mr. Yeng Virak , director of the Community Legal Education Center for allegedly related to a banner defaming the government, and yet no action was made regarding banners insulting opposition party leader Sam Rainsy, displayed for many months in public places.

The banner in question, hand written in small letters was displayed at the CCHR stand on Human Rights Day on 12-10-05.

It was taken down immediately and was used as evidence for the arrest of the two men.

Dr. Heang Rithy director of a legal research organization says that people are equally represented by law. He says further that if the banner says an individual is a traitor but the person has not stolen state assets, then it does not mean anything.

The Association of Khmer Kampuchea Krom's president Thach Setha says that it is unfair when no one takes action against those behind the banners insulting Mr. Sam Rainsy, but the two activists are imprisoned.

Government spokesman Khieu Kanharith says that the banner charges the government of two offenses:1- a communist government and 2- a traitorous government ceding land to Vietnam.

He says Mr. Sam Rainsy has the right to file a law suit against those behind the banners insulting him.