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Mr. Pen Sovan Considers Merging His Party With Opposition Party

Cambodia National Sustaining party (CNSP) president Pen Sovan Tuesday considers the possibility of merging his party with opposition Sam Rainsy party for the general election in 2008.

He adds that he will consult the party's permanent commission first before deciding to officially announce the plan.

The CNSP was formed on June-26-1997 and joined in the general election in 1998, but did not win. The reason behind this consideration is the lack of trust on the election system, and the bias toward the ruling parties, says Mr. Pen Sovan.

The government and the National Election Committee officials dismiss these allegations saying they are groundless.

Sam Rainsy party (SRP) chief cabinet Samrethi Duong Hak is reluctant to comment about this merge, and SRP welcomes any party or individuals who promote democracy.