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Kuwait Orders Death for 6 Linked to Terror Plot

Kuwaiti court handed down death sentences Tuesday, to six Islamists linked to the al-Qaida terror network.

The six condemned men were among a group of 37 people accused of plotting to attack Kuwaiti security forces and U.S. troops in the Gulf Emirate.

One defendant was sentenced to life in prison. Another 22 - including 10 who are still at large - received jail terms ranging from four months to 15 years, and seven defendants were acquitted. None of the defendants appeared in court, Tuesday.

No verdict was announced for the wife of the leader of the militant group. She is undergoing medical treatment outside Kuwait. Her husband died in custody several weeks after his capture.

The accused terrorists include Kuwaitis, stateless Arabs and nationals of other countries living in Kuwait. Most were arrested after several deadly clashes with police last January.

Kuwaiti officials said the Islamists called themselves the Lions of the Peninsula, and added that they had ties with al-Qaida-linked militants in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.