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A Land Grabbing Case is in Koh Kong

More than 100 people who farm in Mondul Seima, Koh Kong province, and some of whom fish for profession, have their representative Veasna ask the local authorities give back their land which was grabbed from them.

They claim that they lived on this land since 1983, and have deeds from local authorities.

Ms. Veasna says that the villagers claim that in 2000, the new town governor Pok Sam An, and former town governor Moeung Luong Sa, grab their land saying it was intended for development, factory, and building a hospital.

She says that instead the two leaders sold the land to a an influential merchant in Koh Kong province.

VOA stringer tries to contact both leaders but fails.

Koh Kong governor Yuth Phou Thong says he sent a committee to investigate.