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Opposition Party Asks PM Hun Sen to Stop Illegal Logging in Kampong Thom

Opposition lawmaker Son Chhay wrote a letter to Hun Sen today (Tuesday) asking the Cambodian Prime Minister to help stop the illegal logging in Kompong Thom province.

In a six-page letter, Son Chhay listed the names of the people who are allegedly involved and who are believed to be the relatives of Chan Sarun, the Minister of Agriculture.

The list also alleged the involvement of Tea Sokun, the head of the Forestry Department in the Agriculture Ministry. Both men can not be reached for comments.

They did not answer their telephones. Kompong Thom governor Nam Tum admitted villagers do cut trees for building houses and for cooking but he said he is not aware of any serious illegal loggings in his province. However, he said he would investigate Son Chhay's allegations.