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Garment Workers in Kandal Province Are on Strike

More than 800 garment workers are on strike in Kien Svay town, Kandal province Thursday and demand the factory owner to obey the labor law and call their union leader to come back to work after being fired on charges of forcing the workers to pay 1,000 riels for union fees.

The Khbal Koh Garment Co. Ltd. spokesman said that the charges are groundless and that the company already has 2 unions. The factory's owner is Chinese.

Mr. Krin Bun Thoeun was charged with forcing the workers to pay for the union membership every month.

The workers also do not want the owner to force them to work overtime and overwork them. The factory owner sticks to his charges saying there were workers who filed suit against Mr. Krin.

The company's administration representative Tieng Sareth called the workers' demands new which the company cannot accept, and said that the company did not close any union.