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Kampong Chhnang Villagers Charged Local Authorities of Selling a Creek

About 165 families in the Prek Konlong village charge local authorities and community leaders in Kampong Tralaach district, Kampong Chhnang province of selling a creek without telling them.

Mr. Bun Chon, the villagers' representative said that they are willing to sell the creek, but they want to know how much money the district gets from the sale and what it was used for. They want their village to be developed.

He said nothing has been done for two years. Mr. Sim Savy, the buyer's representative said that, there was a dispute between the villagers and the village authorities, and the community leaders about the sale of this creek which measures 10km. long and 4-5km. wide.

This creek Prime Minister Hun Sen reportedly lets the villagers fishfor their families.

The buyer is the Kampong Tralaach Kroam's community leader, to develop each community.

Mr. Sim said that the sale has legal deeds and that the proceed was distributed to the disctricts and communities' leaders.