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Dr. Say Bory Wanted in Phnom Penh Court

A high-ranking official of the interior ministry says Monday that the Phnom Penh municipal court has issued a warrant for Say Bory to bring him to court to clarify about his criticism on the border issue. Dr. Say Bory is former King Sihanouk's adviser.

The government's lawyer said that this is not a warrant for arrest. The charges were thought to be about inciting people on border issue. A government prosecutor said that this warrant is related to Dr. Say Bory's letter to former King Sihanouk containing criticism on border issue.

One or two days before Prime Minister Hun Sen visited Vietnam to sign the controversial Supplemental border treaty, Dr. Say sent a letter to former King Sihanouk telling his majesty that this treaty is an excuse to legalize all privious treaties Cambodia had signed with Vietnam when she was under Vietnam's military occupation.

The Ministry of the Interior official alleged that Dr. Say Bory sent a letter to former King Sihanouk saying Cambodia lost some land to Vietnam. There was no clear information on the nature of the charge or the reason behind this warrant.

VOA attempted to reach Phnom Penh municipal court prosecutor Uk Savuth, but was not successful.

Government spokesman Khieu Kanharith said he has heard about this warrant but has not seen it yet because he is attending a meeting abroad. Speaking to VOA by phone, he said that this is not the defamation case, but rather an incitation case.

Dr. Say cannot be reached for comment. He is currently in France.