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Plane Skids Runway in Ratanakiri

At least 54 passengers, foreign and Khmer tourists, including the pilot and 4 crew members were alive after a plane crashed Monday at the Ratanakiri airport, according to provincial officials. One of the plane's wheels and its right wing were reportedly broken on landing causing it to skid off the runway.

The plane, a Y-7 model, is believed to be made in China, and is owned by a private company, the Phnom Penh Airway. The airplane is reportedly leased to another private company.

The cause of the accident is not yet known and the case is still under investigation. Deputy police commissioner, Hor Ang said that no one died in the accident. He said a few people are seriously injured and many are slightly injured. The names of the passengers have not been released yet.

Ratanakiri airport chief Kim Srun said all victims have been taken to the hospital for treatments. The Ratanakiri airport has a short unpaved runway. Witnesses said firetrucks hosed the plane down even though it's not on fire.