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Former King Sihanouk Corrects Border History

Former King Sihanouk immediately denied the claim made by a CPP senator who had said Cambodia did not have a clear border since 1969. Former King Sihanouk's reaction came out after CPP Senator Chea Cheth had told the Cambodia Daily this week that Cambodia has never had a clear border demarcation and now needs to have one.

The former king said it's scandalous to pretend that in 1969 Cambodia did not have a clear border and that Cambodia now needs to have a clear border demarcation.

The former monarch said that in 1969, Cambodia unmistakingly had very clear borders. If it were to be otherwise, the United States would not have officially declared and recognized Cambodia's borders (both land and maritime) in 1969.

Former King Sihanouk was in power in Cambodia in 1969. He was toppled by then Marshall Lon Nol in a coup d'etat in 1970.

The former king has been a firm defender of Cambodia's borders even when Prime Minister Hun Sen threatened to abolish the monarchy and turn Cambodia into a republic.

Chea Chet has not yet reacted to the former King's comment. Neither did he make any comment about the alleged quotes by the Cambodia Daily.

Contacted by VOA, Var Kim Hong, government's border committee president, declined to comment on former King Sihanouk's reaction.

Prime Minister Hun Sen and his deputy prime minister Sok An have both gone to the National Assembly to explain about the border issues.