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Mr. Mam Sonando and Mr. Rong Chhun Are Denied Bail

Mr. Mam Sonando's lawyer, Mr. Hong Kim Suon, and Mr. Rong Chhun's lawyer, Mr. Tae Cham Naan, were and are trying to ask their clients to be free on bail.

Mr. Mam is owner of Beehive FM 105 radio station, and Mr. Rong Chhun, is president of Cambodian Independent Teachers Association, and both were imprisoned in Prey Sar prison. Both were charged with defamation Prime Minister Hun Sen on border issues. Both lawyers say that their clients have permanent addresses, professions and families, and they should not be imprisoned while the court is investigating the case.

Mr. Hong Kim Suon said Tuesday that he appealed to the Supreme Court. Mr. Dith Munti, Supreme Court president cannot be reached for comment.

Mr. Khieu Kanharith, government spokesman, said that as for Mr. Mam, he was first charged with defamation, but in fact the government's lawyer charged him with incitation and broadcasting untrue stories, but that the prosecutor did not read the whole court document.