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Former King Sihanouk Does Not Recognize Supplemental Border Treaty

Opposition party's and civil societies' officials allege that former King Sihanouk's recent letter in French translated unofficially, on Nov. 5, said that his only crime is to consider all treaties signed with Vietnam, under the Vietnamese and Hanoi military control, and whatever were formed under their regime is illegal.

He said that he is not used to be a foreigners' servant. Mr. Keo Remy, opposition Sam Rainsy party legislator supports the former King's letter and said that the 1979, 1982, 1983, and 1985 treaties were signed in the Popular Republic of Kampuchea, and the State of Kampuchea, which were not recognized by the UN. Therefore, the treaties and the agreements signed during these regimes are illegal.

Ms. Chea Vannath, chairwoman of the Center for Social Development, said that after the former King posted his letter, and King Sihamoni will have to understand its meaning and consider the Supplemental treaty carefully before signing it.