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Cambodia's Economy's Growth Rate Slows Down

Cambodia's economical growth rate goes down nearly 3% this year compared to last year, due to internal and external problems, and the poverty level has not changed substantially, according to the Cambodia Economy Institute's (CEI) statement on Cambodia's economical data.

The CEI president, Mr. Sok Hach, told VOA that the economical growth is down from 7.7% in 2004 to 5% in 2005. He said that the growth increases 6-7%, but the gas price is higher, the fertilizer price rose, and transportation is up, so the income is not coming in too fast.

The World Bank's economist in Phnom Penh said that the economical growth rate decreases to 6.1% from 7%.

Mr. Keo Remy, opposition Sam Rainsy party legislator, criticizes this fall saying it is due to corruption and judicial unfair practices.