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The Appeal Court Continues to Detain Mr. Mam Sonando

The Appeal Court Thursday rules to detain Mr. Mam Sonando, owner of radio station Beehive 105 FM saying the Phnom Penh court does not finish its investigation yet.

Judge Saly Thira, president of the jury reads the ruling, and said that if Mr. Mam Sonando is on bail, it might have an effect on the Phnom Penh court's investigation.

Mr. Mam Sonando was whisked off from the court room into a car by Prey Sar prison' guards. Before going into the car, he said that he did not defame Mr. Hun Sen, and that if Mr. Hun Sen listened to his interview with Mr. Sean Pengse, president of the Committee on Border Issues, he will understand what Mr. Mam meant to say.

Mr. Mam Sonando's lawyer, Mr. Hong Kim Suon said that his client should be on bail since he has a permanent address, a profession, and a family