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Government Representatives to Clarify on Supplemental Border Treaty

The three National Assembly Commissions responsible for reviewing the Supplemental Border Treaty with Vietnam said they have invited the government representatives to come to the national assembly to answer their questions.

Mr. Monh Saphan, Chairman of the National Assembly's Commission of Home Affairs, National Defense, Investigation and Anti-corruption said the government's representatives will come to explain about the treaty on Friday. However he could not say who's coming for sure. He said it could be vice premier Sok An.

The other two Commissions are: the Commission on Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, Information and Media and the Commission on Legislation.

Chairwoman of the Commission on Foreign Affairs Princess Norodom Vichara, said that as member of this commission, she will ask many questions such as why the government was in such a hurry to sign this treaty without conducting a referendum first.

Mr. Chuop Kampuchea, president of the Cambodia Organization for Border Protection, who fled to Bangkok, Thailand, said that the government should have a referendum which would involve farmers, students, NGOs officials and government officials. In his statement via e-mail which VOA receives Wednesday, he said that the government should have a public forum on the benefits and consequences of the controversial Supplemental border treaty which Prime Minister Hun Sen signed with Vietnam on October 10.