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Pakistan Raises Quake Death Toll to 73,276

Pakistan has officially raised the death toll from last month's massive earthquake to 73,276.

The country's head of relief operations, Major-General Farooq Ahmed Khan, said Wednesday the October 8 quake also left more than 69,000 people injured.

On Tuesday, government officials had put the death toll at 57,600, with most fatalities registered in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir. General Khan gave no reason for the abrupt increase in the death toll, but Pakistani officials say it could rise further.

Meanwhile, the U.S. military said it resumed helicopter relief flights in northern Pakistan, one day after one of its aircraft is believed to have come under fire.

U.S. officials say a suspected rocket-propelled grenade was fired on Tuesday at a helicopter delivering relief aid, causing no damage or injuries.

Pakistani officials said the helicopter crew probably heard dynamite being used to clear landslides triggered by the quake.