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King Sihamoni Praises His Father on former King's Birthday

King Sihamoni Tuesday remembers his King father's goodness and merits on former King Sihanouk's birthday on October 31, saying his father got Cambodia's independence from France on November 9 in 1953.

His King father is now 83 years old. King Sihamoni also remembers his King father's Sangkum Reast Niyum political party in which era the Cambodian people lived in pride, and following his extraordinary examples, the people and even the students helped dig ponds, build roads, schools, clinics, bridges...

Mr. Chuop Kampuchea, Organization for Border Defense's president said that former King Sihanouk remains in the hearts of his beloved people, which makes the government and Mr. Hun Sen angry because of his majesty's popularity.

He said that Mr. Hun Sen attacks the former King and the royalty. He even orders all TV stations to air the pre-1979 border agreements with Vietnam signed by the former King.