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Phnom Penh Court Denies Rong Chhun's Bail Request

The Phnom Penh court Wednesday denied bail for the president of the independent teachers association Rong Chhun saying that the case is still under investigation. In a reply to Rong Chhun's lawyer, Phnom Penh judge Kong Sep said there could be a problem in the investigation if his client stays out of jail.

Rong Chhun's lawyer, Tae Chamnan, immediately filed a lawsuit to the appeals court asking for a bail for his client. He said his client has a proper address, a job, and a family and should be given bail according to the laws. Rong Chhun and FM 105 Radio station owner Mam Sonando were arrested earlier this month for criticizing Prime Minister Hun Sen on the signing of the controversial additional agreement with Vietnam on October 10.