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The Additional Border Treaty Goes to The Commission of Foreign Affairs

Acting National Assembly President Heng Samrin said the Permanent Committee of the National Assembly has sent the additional treaty to the 1985 Cambodia-Vietnam treaty to the Commission of Foreign Affairs.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Heng Samrin said that the Commission of Foreign Affairs can now study, research the addidtional treaty before sending it to the whole house for ratification. Heng Samrin said voting will be done by raising hands and that it does not even require the 2/3 majority. He said the 50 percent plus one formula will be used instead.

Acting chairman of the National Assembly's Commission of Foreign Affairs refused to comment on the additional border treaty.

Opposition lawmaker Keo Remy said the Commission of Foreign Affairs has a very important task to do. He said according to principle 24 of the internal rules the Commission of Foreign Affairs can request the National Assembly not to consider the draft treaty if the Committee finds that this treaty is not beneficial to Cambodia.

Director of the Cambodia Center for Human Rights (CCHR) Kem Sokha said if the Assembly considers using the 50 percent plus one vote, it will enact the Supplemental Border Treaty without any problem. However Kem Sokha said the government and the Assembly should conduct a public hearing to explain this treaty to the Cambodian people for public support, if there is no referundum. Prime Minister Hun Sen does not make any comment on this matter.