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Venerable Hok Savan Discusses Non-Violence on Hello VOA Program

A listener asked Veneral Hok Savann, head monk at Montreal Buddhist temple, why in reality those who commit sinful acts do not suffer the consequences as predicted in the Buddhist teaching.

Veneral Hok Savan said that the deeds will come back to the doers in the future, and that those who commit sins already suffer because they are not happy within themselves and are always afraid of being punished.

A listener wants to know about Buddhist teachings on democracy. The Venerable said that Buddha's scriptures talk about democracy. He said that Buddha has high principles on democracy in his teachings. He said Buddha lets the Buddhist monks meet and those who oppose him can raise their hands.

The Venerable said that Mr. Mam Sonando and the leader who arrests him are Buddhists and that Mr. Mam does nothing wrong so he should not be detained.

He said that in Buddhism, if Cambodia wants to solve the border problem, those who claim Cambodia has lost its territory and those who claim it has gained should meet and discuss things publicly.

He adds that former King Sihanouk has been in politics for half a century, and therefore he knows the Thais and the Vietnamese best.

Venerable Hok Savann said that he is not involved in politics, as some people have accused him. He said he is only preaching Buddhist teachings, so that the Khmer leaders can adhere to Buddha's teachings and make the people happy.