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Border Activist Receives Death Threat

A border activist told VOA he received a death threat on his cellular phone on Wednesday from an unknown man while travelling by motorcycle to meet with NGO officials and to go visit Beehive radio station director Mam Sonando at Prey Sar prison.

The border activist said the perpetrator told him to stop criticizing the signing of the Supplemental Border Treaty which Prime Minister Hun Sen signed on Monday with Vietnam.

Chuop Kampuchea said has filed a letter of complaint with General Heng Peou, a police commissioner and with local and international NGOs, the US, Canadian, Australian, and French Embassies in Phnom Penh for intervention.

Chuop Kampuchea said that this threat is clearly an intimidation, and it happens after he made a statement about his opposition to the Supplemental Border Treaty to the 1985 Border Treaty. He said that he condemns the leader (leaders) who signs this treaty which will result in Cambodia losing her territory to Vietnam.

Director of the Cambodia Center for Human Rights (CCHR) Kem Sokha expressed regret over this threat especially right after the arrest of the Beehive owner.

Opposition lawmaker Keo Remy said that the government should provide security for Mr. Chuop.

General Heng Pov said that he will have the police investigate into the incident.

Human Rights activists said that this threat makes democracy go backward.