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Mr. Mam Sonando Was Indicted by Phnom Penh Court

The Phnom Penh court subpoenas Mr. Mam Sonando, director of Beehive Radio FM 105 Monday on charges of criticizing Prime Minister Hun Sen on the loss and selling of Cambodia's territory to the Vietnamese, based on reliable Phnom Penh court's source close to the government and government officials' allegations.

Mr. Mam Sonando is a staunch attacker of the government, and last week he interviewed Mr. Sean Pengse, director of France-based Committee for Border Defense by telephone. Mr. Mam's comments involve Mr. Hun Sen's cause for the loss of Cambodia's territory and the selling of Khmer land to Vietnam by planning to sign the controversial Supplement Border Treaty with Vietnam.

According to the news source close to Phnom Penh court, Phnom Penh court's prosecutor, Mr. Ouk Savuth, issues an arrest warrant for Mr. Mam Sonando, and Mr. Sean Pengse, on charges of a libel suit. Mr. Ouk Savuth cannot be reached for comment. Mr. Khiev Kanharith, government spokesman and Minister of Information, alleges that the subpoena calls for Mr. Mam Sonando to appear in court for clarification on his interview with Mr. Sean Pengse charging the government for selling Cambodia's territory without first checking with the government's source or asking the government's lawyer.

Mr. Mam Sonando said that he has not seen the subpoena yet, that he will not run away, and that he will appear in court. The Human Rights Organizations' officials said that they will monitor this situation closely, and that Mr. Mam Sonando is staying at an disclosed safe place. They also said that this immediate summon is illegal, and that he should be asked to clarify first.

Prime Minister Hun Sen threatens to file suit against those who defame the government involving border issues. Mr. Sean Pengse steps down from his post as director of the Committee for Border Defense because of Mr. Hun Sen's visit to Vietnam to sign the Additional Border Treaty to the 1985 Border Treaty with Vietnam, which promts reactions from the civil societies, and Organizations for Border Defense's officials, who do not want to see Cambodia losing her territories.

Political analysts told VOA Monday that they are worried that the government's measures to summon Mr. Mam Sonando will diminish the influence and slow the speed of the high officials', and the politicians' comments on Cambodia's territorial integrity, who love Cambodia and her land.

Mr. Mam Sonando said that Tuesday morning, he will go to his Beehive Radio FM 105 station to wait for the subpoena for the arrest warrant. He also said that, he defends Prime Minister Hun Sen in his interview with Mr. Sean Pengse against allegations that he sells Cambodia territory to Vietnam, but if the government does not like his comments, he can change them.