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Cambodia's Border Committee Appeals to French President

President of the Paris-based Cambodia's Border Committee Sean Pengse wrote a letter to French president Jacques Chriac asking France to examine the opportunity to create an Ad hoc committee in charge of control and verification of the application of the provisions stipulated in the 1991 Paris Peace Agreements, in particular, relating to the respect of international agreements and conventions in force concerning the sovereignty and the land and maritime integrity of Cambodia.

President of the Khmer Border Protection Chuap Kampuchea said he supported Sean Pengse's action. He said his organization also plans to write a letter to the French president asking him to put pressure on the Cambodian government to stop the plan to sign the additional agreement to the 1985 Cambodian-Vietnam border treaty.

Cambodian Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith said Sean Pengse does not understand international law. Khieu Kanharith said if Sean Pengse really loves Cambodia, he should support the government and speak with one voice on the border negotiations with Vietnam.

Opposition party, border activists, many NGOs oppose to the government's plan to sign the additional agreement to the 1985 Cambodia-Vietnam treaty. They say the signing is in violation to the 1991 Paris Peace Agreement.