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Teachers Claimed Forced Participation in Anti-Rainsy Protest

A number of teachers and professors say they have been foreced against their will to join the planned anti-Sam Rainsy protest.

An elementary school teacher said she does not like the use of school teachers' names to protest against opposition leader Sam Rainsy or anybody because she said not everyone think the same.

She said a number of her colleagues have been ordered to sign their names as participants but they said they would not show up because they are not willing to join the protest.

Another professor who asked not to be named said he is truly unhappy with use of his name in politics.

Phnom Penh city hall Thursday sent the request to hold a peaceful protest against opposition leader Sam Rainsy to the Ministry of the Interior urging the ministry to grant permission to the protesters because the organizers are willing to take full responsibility for the conducts of the protesters.

Interior Ministry spokesman Khieu Sopheak said according to the Phnom Penh City Hall, about 140 schools have asked permission to hold a protest against Sam Rainsy when he returns to Cambodia later this month.