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Cambodia Watchdog Council Denounces Treaty with Vietnam

The Cambodian Watchdog Council denounces the government's plan to sign an additional agreement to the controversial 1985 Cambodian-Vietnam border treaty.

The council makes up of the Independent Teachers Association, the Independent Government Workers Association, the Student Movement for Democracy, the Independent Farmers Association, and the Free Workers Union of Cambodia.

The watchdog group said the additional agreement is illegal and it violates the 1993 Paris Peace Agreement.

In response to reporters' question on the additional agreement, vice president of the national assembly and honorary president of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) Heng Samrin said no one want to lose an inch of the territory.

The protest against the additional agreement came out after the Council of Ministers informed the National Assembly on August 11 about the plan to sign the agreement during PM Hun Sen's visit to Vietnam next month.

The Council of Minister statement to the National Assembly said Cambodia would benefit from the agreement and that Vietnam could benefit as well.