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Tens of Thousands Trying to Leave New Orleans

Thousands of hurricane refugees in and around New Orleans' Superdome arena are facing worsening humanitarian conditions and uncertain evacuation plans.

An officer with the Louisiana National Guard, in an interview with CNN, described the situation inside the crowded sports arena as desperate, with refugees in stifling conditions without water.

The situation is also tense, with reports of shots being fired and blazes being set in trash cans. Crowds of refugees are also gathered outside the stadium.

Some refugees have already been bussed 500 kilometers to the west to Houston's Astrodome.

The National Guard officer said people from other locations rushed to the Superdome to be evacuated out. He estimated that 50,000 to 60,000 people are to be bussed out of the arena.

Texas Governor Rick Perry said Wednesday that his state will do all it can to help the hurricane victims.