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Ranaridh Can't Help Cheam Channy

Prince Norodom Ranaridh has told Cheam Channy that he cannot act on behalf of the jailed opposition figure, who stands accused by the state of building a private army to oppose the government, though evidence suporting the allegation is very weak.

VOA obtained a copy of a letter that Prince Ranaridh wrote to Chheam Channy, declining Cheam channy's written request to intervene in his case.

Prince Ranaridh wrote that he cannot interfere in judicial matters of the court system.

Cheam Channy was stripped off his immunity by the National Asembly on February 3rd, and was immediately arrested and accused of being a rebel army leader.

Opposition party officials say the charges are ridiculous, and politically motivated to intimidate the opposition, and assert that Cheam Channy should be released and that the court should drop all charges against Sam Rainsy Party Mmbers of Parliament.

The military court will have a hearing on this case on August 8.

Prince Ranaridh said that as Ntional Assembly leader, he cannot interfere in the "fair and independent" court action.

Cheam Channy's lawyer, Ker Thy, said that he has not seen and did not know about Cheam Channy's letter.