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Om Yintieng Admits Border Disputes with Neighboring Countries

Cambodia has differences with Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand regarding demarcation borders, Prime Minister Hun Sen's top adviser acknowledged Sunday, but asserted that the government is making progress on the controversial and evocative issue.

Om Yintieng, the premier's top political adviser, spoke to a reporter Sunday in Long Beach, at the end of a week-long informal visit to the USA. Om Yentieng described his visit as mostly a vacation spent in Washington, D.C. and in California, where he said his son is enrolled in school. He was scheduled to depart Los Angeles on Monday, Cambodian People's Party officials in Long Beach said.

Om Yintieng claimed specific progress in the government's negotiations with neighboring countries about disputed borders.

On the issue of the long-awaited corruption law, Om Yintieng said the draft law is not intended to take away anyone's existing private assets and income, but that if a law was passed that required disclosure, government officials would comply

He also said a new draft was being worked on and said its fate depended on the National Assembly.

On the Khmer Rouge tribunal Om Yintieng denied China is influencing the Cambodian government regarding preparations for the Khmer Rouge tribunal. He said Cambodian Prime Minister Hun never talked to the Chinese government about the issue. He said the Chinese also has never raised the issue with Hun Sen.