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Saudi Arabia Buries Late King Fahd

Muslim leaders from across the globe bid farewell Tuesday to Saudi Arabia's late King Fahd, and then buried the monarch in an unmarked grave in Riyadh.

The longtime Saudi ruler, who was said to be in his early 80s, died at a Riyadh hospital early Monday.

Saudi television showed throngs of Muslim men gathered at the burial site in the al-Oud cemetery, as the body of the king, wrapped in a brown shroud, was laid to rest.

In line with the kingdom's Wahabi school of Islam, non-Muslim leaders were not permitted to attend funeral prayers or burial ceremonies.

Western leaders and dignitaries, including a U.S. delegation led by Vice President Dick Cheney, were to pay respects in the capital Tuesday and Wednesday.

The procession of mourners was led by Fahd's brother, the former Crown Prince Abdullah, who has assumed the Saudi throne. The new king has been the country's de facto ruler since King Fahd suffered a stroke in 1995.