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The Cambodia Center of Human Rights Forum

Ponhie Luu town, Kandal Province opinion forum for the people ended with disorderly conduct by 100 people who waited since dawn at the front rows to be heard . They went to the podium boasting about Prime Minister Hun Sen's achievements and shouted victory to January 7 (1979), the day Heng Samrin government took over power.

The forum was formed by the Cambodia Center of Human Rights and headed by Mr. Kem Sokha.

Its purpose is to have the people state their concerns about powerful officials using their clout for the government to help solve land grabbing issues,alleviate poverty, and to promote democracy.

Mr. Khiev San, FUNCINPEC party's member of parliament agreed with Hun Sen's supporters, whereas Mr. Chrea Sochenda, opposition Sam Rainsy party's member of parliament, said that 38% of the people are poor, and earn one dollar a day.

Mr. Kem Sokha said that he knows the people who disturb the forum because he saw them all the time. Ponhie Luu town Deputy Governor, Chey Chhi, said that freedom of expression is democracy.

Kem said that his center lets the people express their problems, and tells them about what the government has done and what needs to be done.