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Authorities Strictly Control Foreigners Inside Cambodia

The Cambodian authorities started a strict foreigner control campaign. General Ek Sophal, deputy police chief, said, “Foreigners are going in and out of this country.”

This campaign is under way after a meeting at the Department of Interior, with the participation of deputies’ police security from all over the country.

The campaign's goals are to look for criminals, possible terrorists, drug traffickers, children traffickers, the mafia and bring them to justice. The other goals are to defend the diplomats, foreign NGO officials, foreign investors and the tourists.

According to a press release today (Monday), Vice Prime Minister Sar Kheng, Co-Minister of the Department of Interior Prince Sereiwudh, and National Police Chief Mr. Hok Lundi also participated in the meeting.

Foreign diplomats did not make any comments saying that they have not seen any detailed news reports.