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Cambodia is Ready for Peacekeeping Missions

Cambodian government officials said Thursday its landmine experts have met initial requirements to participate in UN's peacekeeping operations.

Government officials said a team of 135 landmine experts has finished trainings in recent weeks.

Several months ago UN had requested Cambodia to participate in peacekeeping operations around the world.

Secretary of State of the Council of Ministers Prak Sokhon said Cambodia is now waiting for the UN to say where the Cambodian landmine experts can be sent and when.

Prak Sokhon said it's an honor for Cambodia to participate in peacekeeping efforts.

Mr. Prak's statement came after a meeting of Defense , Foreign Affairs, and Finance Department's ministers on the issue.

Cambodia says it has 1,000 more people if the UN needs them. Prak Sokhon said UN officials will go to Cambodia in one or two weeks to review the landmine team