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Suicide Blast Kills Iraqi Shi'ite Legislator

Baghdad police say a suicide car bomber has killed a prominent Shi'ite member of Iraq's parliament, along with his son and three bodyguards.

The bomber rammed his explosives-filled vehicle into a convoy carrying Dhari al-Fayadh -- a member of the ruling Shi'ite-dominated alliance and the oldest member of Iraq's parliament.

Near Tikrit, a car bomb attack near a U.S. military base killed one U.S. soldier.

Along the Euphrates river valley in western Iraq, more than 1,000 U.S. troops and Iraqi soldiers have started a new offensive against insurgents.

Later today (8pm/0000 UTC in Fort Bragg, North Carolina), President Bush plans to deliver a major speech on Iraq. The speech comes on the first anniversary of the U.S. transfer of sovereignty to Iraqis.

White House officials say Mr. Bush will emphasize that there is a "clear path to victory" in Iraq and will urge Americans to maintain their resolve for the war.