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Former King Sihanouk Arrives at Pochentong

Former King Norodom Sihanouk arrived at Pochentong international airport on Wednesday night from Beijing, China. He asserted that Prime Minister Hun Sen did not allow him to have any responsibility or power in the solution of the border issues.

The former King said that Mr. Hun Sen asked King Norodom Sihamoni for the royal decree, stating that former King Sihanouk would not have responsibilities or power on the solution of border issues with neighboring countries.

The former King said that he is very happy that the Prime Minister is acting responsible in this issue. He also said that he is now 83 years old and it is good that Mr. Hun Sen takes charge.

Hun Sen is the President of the new National Authority on Border Issues. The former King told reporters at the airport in Phnom Penh that he, the Queen and the reigning King will not do any politics.

Government high officials, members of both the Parliament, and Opposition Party, foreign diplomats and Mr. Charles Ray, US Ambassador to Phnom Penh, went to greet the former King. Mr. Ray said that he was happy to see the former King in good health and good spirits.

He will finish his term in 3 weeks. Political analysts said with caution that the arrival of the former King shows that the political situation is improving. Mr. Hun Sen recently said that he would use military forces if necessary to crush anybody who tries to stir up problems regarding the border issues. He said he would consider this as a coup d'etat.