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Ranariddh Has Good News on King Sihanouk's Health

National Assembly President Norodom Ranariddh said his father's cancer is not a concern.

Speaking to reporters at the national assembly building Thursday, Ranariddh said the Chinese doctors hope King Sihanouk's cancer will be 100% under control, after the former King was admitted to a hospital in Beijing for treatment.

Prince Ranariddh quoted news report from Peking and from the Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia in Phnom Penh that the cancer stops spreading.

Cambodian observers said this is good news for Cambodia because former King Sihanouk plays an important role in solving Cambodia's border problems with its neighbors.

Prince Ranariddh said Thailand reacts to the creation of the national border committee by deploying troops along the Thai-Cambodian border and that Vietnam still adheres to the border treaties it signed with Cambodia in the 80's and 90's