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Prime Minister Hun Sen on Border Issues

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said it's not possible to get back Cambodian territories that were lost a long time ago.

Speaking to reporters at a graduation ceremony in Phnom Penh Tuesday, Hun Sen urged the Supreme National Council on Border Issues to visit the border areas to clear his name as someone who sells Cambodia to foreigners.

Hun Sen's comments came out after former King Sihanouk had announced that he is committed to look at Cambodia's territories one kilometer at a time using all means of transportations.

The Sam Rainsy Party spokesman Eng Chhay Eang accused Prime Minister Hun Sen of lacking the will to solve the border issues. Eng Chhay Eang said in 1996 Hun Sen said he would build a coffin for someone who wanted to take back Cambodian territories from Vietnam.

Cambodian political scientist Lao Mong Hay said it's not an easy task because the Supreme National Council on Border Issues would need the cooperation from the three countries: Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.