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US-Cambodians Expand Republican Effort

As the Republican Party convention gets underway, US-Cambodians in Minnesota are expanding their work, finding an additional role in forming a coalition with other minorities, such as Somalis, living in the US.

"Somalis are the same as Cambodian-Americans, in that they understand [Republican Sen.] John McCain can help promote freedom and democracy in other countries," said Path Suykry, president of the National Cambodian Republican Coalition. "So they are happy to do this, and we will continue to meet together."

The convention is being held between Sept. 1 and Sept. 4, ahead of the November US presidential election.

US-Cambodians have contributed to the Republican effort through fundraising and campaigning in pagodas, churches and across Cambodian communities in the US.

Satri Huoch, a Cambodian living in Minnesota, said he supported the Republicans as a party that can help minorities benefit from democracy.

"I believe in him as other Cambodian-Americans and other minorities support him," Satri Huoch said.