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Council of Ministers Approves $2.3-Billion Budget for 2011

Last month, September, Cambodia purchased 94 T-55 tanks from eastern Europe to bolster its military capacity.

The Council of Ministers on Friday approved a draft budget of more than $2.3 billion for 2011, an increase of $445 million over the year before.

The Council approved military and security spending of $298 million, including $185 million for the Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry of Interior was budgeted $111 million, the Ministry of Health $165 million and the Ministry of education $218 million.

Defense and security spending reflected an increase of $22 million over the previous year, the largest increase overall.

Spending for the Ministry of Interior rose $1 million, while the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education saw increases of $21 million and $20 million, respectively.