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Drive Against Domestic Violence Continues

Cambodian organizations such as the Project Against Domestic Violence are continuing a drive that began last week to educate Cambodians on the dangers of household abuse.

Hau Phally, director of the project, said she has delivered a message against domestic violence to thousands of people over the annual Water Festival.

Her message reaches people like Sieng San, 75, who lives with her daughter and three grandchildren in Dangkao district in Phnom Penh.

"My son-in-law keeps harassing us," she said, weeping. "I'm so worried. Whenever he loses a game, he comes home quarrelling with my daughter, cursing my daughter and wanting to hit me."

Another victim of domestic abuse, Mao Mom, said her husband beats her after he over-drinks.

"He even used the axe to hit me, but I didn't complain because I was afraid he would hit me harder," she said. "Over these five or six years, I have received so much pain that I've wanted to divorce him on several occasions. But I failed to do so, because I'm afraid my children will be fatherless."