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Mam Somaly Wins Glamour 'Women of the Year Award'

Mam Somaly, a crusader in the fight against sex trafficking in Cambodia, was among other well known celebrities such as actress Sandra Bullock and hip hop artist Queen Latifa, to receive Glamour magazine's 'Women of the Year award' at Carnegies Hall, in New York City on Monday.

The award recognizes "gutsy female leaders in their field who inspire us all", according to the magazine.

For over a decade, Mam Somaly has devoted her life and energy to rescuing young girls from suffering a similar fate. As a child, Mam was sold into prostitution by her grandparents, but she eventually escaped through the help of foreign aid workers.

For the first time, Mam Somaly talks to VOA Khmer Service, by appearing on our 'Hello VOA' talk show program.

In the live call-in show, Mam speaks about receiving the 'Women of the Year Award', and openly discusses her daily challenges as President and Founder of AFESIP, a non-profit organization that rescues girls from Cambodia's brothels.

Among the many surprises, the award ceremony resulted in Mam receiving hefty donations from famous U.S. celebrities, to help her continue her fight against child-sex crimes in Cambodia.

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