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Asian Nations Meet to Combat Human Trafficking

Asian representatives meet in the fourth conference in Phnom Penh, searching for strategies to stop increased international human trafficking.

Representatives from Burma, Cambodia, China, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam join efforts to curb cross country human traffickings, in a three-day conference sponsored by the U.N. and the U.S.

Minister of Women's and Veterans' Affairs Ung Kanthaphavy says that the 6 countries should cooperate to offer help to the victims who are mostly poor people living in the countryside.

The meeting does not give the number of increase in human trafficking. Nonetheless, according to the Cambodia Center for the Protection of Children's Rights' report, there is an increase of 46% in the first 3 months of 2006 compared to last year.

Deputy Prime Minister and minister of Interior Sar Kheng says that in the name of Cambodia, his department will join the campaign to combat the unacceptable modern cross-border human trafficking.

U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of mission Mark Storella comments on the campaign to stop human trafficking saying that Cambodia and other countries in the Mekong greater region are working on anti-human trafficking, which is a very important program because it is a program of the countries in the Mekong greater region, meaning it is the representatives' own counties that are cooperating.

He says he is very happy, and thinks that the program will be effective, and that he is very proud of the mission.