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Technology Adviser Calls Process in Cybercrime Law ‘Completely Wrong’

Cambodian men using the Internet at a coffee shop in Phnom Penh.

16 April 2014
The law will affect many of Cambodia’s younger generation, who go online often and use social media as a major means of communication. More

Multimedia Global Airline Industry Begins Study to Prevent MH370 Repeat

A panel will focus on real-time tracking of aircraft, rather than streaming of flight performance data for aircraft systems.

Cyber-Crime Law Could Engender Self-Censorship, Group Warns

The draft law, which was leaked to the public recently, imposes major fines and jail time for vague offenses and has many online users concerned.

Cyber Security Draft Law Has Tech Community Worried

Online, Internet users complained of the draft this week, saying it could censor their comments and information sharing, especially on Facebook, which has become widely popular in recent years.

Video Google Launches Digital Tour of Angkor Wat

Cambodia's Angkor Wat has been digitally mapped for the first time, allowing people to visit the World Heritage Site from the comfort of their armchair using Google Street View.

Virtual Google Tours of Angkor Wat Comes Online

Street View users can now visit 100 temples and sculptures around Angkor Wat, via a 360-degree perspective.

US Official Urges Strong Protection of Intellectual Property

Fake goods and pirated media cost companies billions of dollars each year, and are especially prevalent in Cambodia.

Cambodia To Host Open Source Tech Conference

FossAsia, a conference on open source and free software, will be held in the capital Feb. 28 to March 2—a free event open to students, developers and entrepreneurs.

Flappy Bird: A Game Changer for Vietnam’s Developers

Vietnam is the largest online games market by value in South-East Asia, with revenue of over $250 million in 2013.

Carbon Credits Ready for Sale in Oddar Meanchey Forest

The Oddary Meanchey project was the first to be implemented, and seeks to safeguard 13 different communities across 64,000 hectares of forest.

Facebook Launches Acting Career for One Young Entrepreneur

Speaking via Skype with VOA Khmer's Poch Reasey, the 21-year-old said she was discovered by a producer at the Women’s Media Center.

Expert Touts Rise of Citizen Journalists

Ngeth Moses, ICT coordinator for the Community Legal Education Center, told “Hello VOA” Monday that new tools are making it easier for so-called citizen journalists to emerge.

Telecom Minister Defends Minimum Cell Phone Tariffs

The new floor for prices is $4.50 per minute for calls made within the same network, and $5.95 per minute for calls across different networks.

Education Lagging in Science, Technology, Experts Say

Only about 27 percent of Cambodian students in higher education are pursuing these sciences, while the rest pursue degrees in social science, according to research by the Cambodian Development Research Institute.

China Donates 12 Military Helicopters to Cambodia

The donation underscores Cambodia’s ongoing military relationship with China, which has emerged as a top donor to the country.

'Sweetie' Snares Cyber Predators

In a very short period of time, over 20,000 people from over 65 countries approached virtual 10-year-old.

Cambodia’s Internet Only ‘Partly Free,’ US Watchdog Says

The Freedom House report comes at a time when experts and rights workers in Cambodia say civil society as a whole is also under duress from government officials.

Video Bribespot: Fighting Corruption in Thailand One Click at a Time

Local version of Bribespot allows anyone with access to smartphone or computer to pinpoint where, to whom, how much they paid a bribe.

Opposition Looks To Facebook for Election Push

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy last week claimed he has become the most popular Cambodian politician on Facebook leading into the July elections.

How Google Figured Out Khmer Translation

Divon Lan, product manager of Google’s Next Wave Emerging Markets program, recently spoke to VOA Khmer about what the new service means for the average Cambodian.

Video Local Developers Add to Mobile App Popularity

Applications for mobile phones and mobile devices—from games to maps navigation—are becoming increasingly popular in Cambodia. Bun Tharum, a technology reporter and VOA Khmer contributor, says that in Cambodia, applications like Angry Birds, Google Maps, and Facebook are popular—but developers are also building local apps. VOA Khmer’s Soeung Sophat reports for “Digital Voices.”

Experts See Opening for Citizen Journalism in Cambodia

Cambodia is in the beginning stages of citizen journalism, US Embassy spokesman Sean McIntosh said.

Nine Injured in Balloon Crash Near Angkor Wat

The air balloon had reached an altitude of 300 meters when a strong wind pushed it down and into a palm tree.

Cheap Data, Better Tech Putting More Cambodians Online

Total revenue for Internet use is now worth about $1.4 million, according to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

Audio Youth Activist Says Social Media Has ‘Power’ in Cambodia

Social media has the power to help Cambodia correct some of its social ills, including corruption and the abuse of power, a youth activist says.

80 Chinese Arrested in Alleged Extortion Racket

This is the fifth such scheme to be broken up in Cambodia in recent years, with cooperation from Chinese authorities, who are having to track extortion operations outside the country after a crackdown within it.

Social Media Changing Cambodia’s Information Landscape

With the increased used of social media, consumers in this new generation can access media anywhere, any time, through laptops and smartphones.

Internet Users Fear Online Suppression With Draft of Cyber Law

Some 200 bloggers and technology experts from 15 countries hotly debated the issue at a five-day conference, called BlogFest, in Siem Reap earlier this month.

Photogallery Despite High Price Tag, iPhone 5 a Hit in Cambodia

The iPhone 5 has been on sale in Cambodia since Sept. 22, a day after Apple’s public sales began in other countries.

Video At Barcamp, Cambodian Techies Test New Gear, Apps

The students, many from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, say smartphone-controlled robots and electronics are operated via Bluetooth technology.

Video Solar Energy Lighting up Rural Areas of Cambodia (Cambodia news in Khmer)

With lots of sunshine and an underdeveloped electrical grid, Cambodia is well suited to solar power. But overcoming challenges like poverty and a lack of solar knowledge are major challenges. The power of the sun could be the key to provide energy in rural areas of Cambodia. Social enterprise Kamworks brings solar energy to the population cut off from the national grid. (AP Cambodia)

Video Cambodia Joins Major HIV/AIDS Conference in Washington (Cambodia news in Khmer)

More than 20,000 health officials and activists from around the world are meeting in Washington for an international HIV and AIDS conference, including Cambodian officials who want to share their experience fighting the disease. Mean Chhivun, chairman of Cambodia’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, said Cambodia still needs to provide better access to treatment and prevention services, while people need to advise their sexual partners of their activities and encourage blood tests. “These are the two main points,” he told VOA Khmer. “We have to do more.” (Men Kimseng, Washington)

The ‘God Particle,’ Explained

The God particle is just a fancy name for a sub-atomic particle called the Higgs Boson.

Video Companies See Potential in Internet Growth

Online businesses have grown fast in countries with developed Internet infrastructure. But despite an undeveloped Net infrastructure, Cambodia's fast online growth in recent years promises new business.

Government Defends Ban on US Broadcasts During Election

A Ministry of Information official confirmed Monday the government had banned broadcasts of VOA and RFA during the election Sunday.

Engineers Ready, But Nowhere To Go

A group of young engineers say they are ready for the government to make use of their skills but are facing limited job prospects.

Cambodian Capital Modernizing Fast

In the past decade, new roads and high-rise buildings have changed the landscape of Phnom Penh.

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Ancient Sculptures From Myanmar on Display in New Yorki
10 April 2014
For the first time ever, ancient sculptures from Myanmar are on diplay outside of the once-repressed country. The art is part of an exhibition called "Lost Kingdoms" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. (Reuters)