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Cambodians Take to the Web to Make Internet Law Suggestions

Cambodians using Internet at a coffee shop, in Phnom Penh.

31 July 2015
Millions of Cambodians are now connected to the Internet thanks to cheap high-speed connections and smartphones. More

On Facebook, a Potential Venue for Women’s Rights

A 2015 report by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications says more than 5 million Cambodians have access to the Internet.

Cambodian Schoolboy Takes Gold for Clean Water Idea

Lim Theanhok was awarded a gold medal for a science project, winning out among contestants from 69 countries at the annual Genius Olympiad in New York on June 15-19.

Video Pilot Project Using Software to Boost Rice Production Is Underway in Cambodia

Cambodia is a small country with big aspirations. By the end of 2015 it aims to become one of the world's major rice exporters - which means it will have to almost triple exports of milled rice in the next sixteen months.

Panel Weighs in on the Struggle of Police Power and Citizen Journalism

The invention of the smart phone triggered the era of citizen journalism revealing the complex relationship between a citizen’s right and the police’s duty to protect.

Website Crowdsources Comments on Draft ‘Cybercrime’ Law

The website establishes a “wiki”-like crowd-sourcing platform for comments on the law, even though the public has not been able to see the draft.

'Geek’ Girls Prove Tech Is Not Just for Boys

Their app, ImEX, creates an online market for farmers, where they can sell their products, pairing consumer demand with farmers supply.

Chinese Hackers Break Into US Federal Worker Database

Office of Personnel Management says it detected security breach in April, estimates as many as 4 million current and former federal employees may have been affected.

Semifinalists Chosen in Global Entrepreneur Competition

Global Innovation Through Science and Technology has so far engaged some 2.8 million entrepreneurs worldwide, and the program has helped shape 4,500 startups, with $800 million in revenue.

Video Cambodia's Underwater UXO Team Marks First Successful Bomb Recovery

In Cambodia a dive team trained with U.S. State Department funding to remove unexploded ordinance from rivers and waterways has successfully completed its first mission. VOA Khmer's Cheoung Pochin narrates.

Video Cambodian Underwater Mine Team Finds Success

Elite crew, trained with US support, recovers and defuses bomb in Mekong River on its first mission.

Report Highlights Fears of Impending Cyber-Law in Cambodia

Critics worry laws to curb cyber-crime and govern telecommunications will clamp down on few opportunities for free speech.

Multimedia Hubble Telescope Marks 25 Years in Space

Over past quarter-century, orbiting workhorse has sent back thousands of images of planets and remote galaxies, expanding our knowledge of universe in unimagined ways.

Video Obama Announces New Funds to Expand Science Education

U.S. President Barack Obama has announced nearly a quarter-billion dollars in new pledges to support the study of science, technology, engineering and math, a group of fields jointly called STEM. VOA Khmer's Cheoung Pochin narrates.

Video NASA's Magnetic Mission Studies Space Weather

Four identical spacecraft aboard an Atlas V rocket lit up the sky last week as they were launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. VOA Khmer's Soeung Sophat narrates.

Researchers Hope to Develop First Lab-Grown Chicken

Tel Aviv University bioengineer begins yearlong study in which he'll try to make whole piece of chicken, starting from one cell.

Chinese Makers Roll Out Wave of Apple Watch Lookalikes

One vendor sells “Apple Smart Watch with Bluetooth Bracelet,” starting from 288 yuan ($45).

Multimedia Apple Unveils New Smartwatch, Other Items

Apple Watch is first brand-new device company is launching without founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011

US Science Envoy Sees Tech Potential in Students

In a visit to Cambodia last week, Geraldine Richmond told VOA Khmer she was surprised to see how much passion for technology in young Cambodian students.

Debate Over Genetically Engineered ‘Golden Rice’ Heats Up

While supporters applaud rice strain's ability to tackle vitamin A deficiency, critics insist more research is needed before it's ready for consumption.

Mobile Money Accounts Grow, Still Are Lightly Used

When people do make remittances, receivers cash them in, limiting mobile money's potential to become true medium of exchange.

Britain Becomes 1st to Allow Babies With DNA From 3 People

Controversial type of in-vitro fertilization could prevent mothers from passing inherited health problems.

11 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe Online

Worried about protecting yourself from hackers? Here's a few basic steps you can take right now to keep the bad guys at bay.

Australia to Challenge Radical Islam Online

Ministers say effort will help authorities identify and dismantle online messages of hate from groups such as Islamic State.

VOA, USAID Discuss Importance of Media in Global Health

The panel was organized by the Voice of America and USAID, in an effort to advance health policy worldwide.

Cambodian Activists Win Award for Work to Combat Domestic Violence

Winning the inaugural VXW Award means the women will get assistance to further promote their efforts on smartphones and online.

Twitter Targets Islamic State

New research shows suspending Twitter accounts of Islamic State, its supporters has been effective; group, its backers are facing 'significant pressure,' says terrorism expert.

Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked

Malaysia Airlines is trying to recover from twin disasters last year.

Video Researchers Create Artificial Skin With Sense of Touch

Stretchable synthetic skin that can register heat, pressure and moisture is designed for prosthetic limbs and humanoid robots.

Chinese Brands Little Recognized in US, but Innovation Helping

Recent surveys reveal positive trends that some analysts say could lead to broader American acceptance of Chinese-branded goods.

Gmail Blocked in China

The grip on Internet freedom in China has tightened once again, with Google's Gmail largely inaccessible for a fourth day.

2014 Year of Space Technology Benchmarks, Setbacks

Biggest achievement of 2014 came in later half of year, when Rosetta launched a probe named Philae that made the first soft landing on a comet.

Beijing Not Sure if Chinese Facilities Used in Cyberattack

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Beijing would not reach any conclusions without having 'enough facts'.

Vietnam Detains Another Blogger for Anti-state Posts

For second time in less than two weeks, country arrests another prominent blogger as part of what critics see as an ongoing crackdown on dissent.

Photogallery NASA's Orion Test Mission a Success

Orion capsule, intended to take US astronauts back to the moon and beyond, splashed down in Pacific Ocean

Video Report: Internet Freedom Declines Worldwide

A new survey shows that Internet freedom has declined around the world for the fourth consecutive year, as a growing number of countries impose various forms of online censorship and monitoring practices. Rights group Freedom House on Thursday issued an annual report that says more people are being

Vietnam Detains Blogger for 'Bad' Content

Detention of Hong Le Tho, better known as blogger 'Nguoi Lot Gach,' follows a sharp increase in arrests and prison terms for government critics in past few years.

Social Media a Potential New Tool for Good Governance, Expert Says

Cambodia currently has more than 1 million Facebook subscribers, who share news on politics, the economy and entertainment, contributing to vibrant online debates.

Report Cites Human Error in 2013 Lao Air Tragedy

Aviation experts call for more emphasis on pilot training after crash that killed 49 passengers and crew.

US Ambassador’s Column Popular, Though Not With Everyone

The ambassador has proven willing to tackle tough topics in Cambodia’s fractious political climate.

40th Anniversary of Khmer Rouge Takeover

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Cambodia Senate Passed NGO Law Despite Protests And Boycotti
24 July 2015
Hundreds of people demonstrated outside Cambodia’s Senate on Friday morning as senators inside debated a controversial new law designed to regulate the non-profit sector. The Law on Associations and NGOs, or LANGO, has been widely criticized by non-profits and many of Cambodia’s development partners, not least because it gives the government carte blanche to close down any organization. VOA Khmer Hul Reaksmey reports from Phnom Penh.

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