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Using Plant Power to Charge A Phone

Using Plant Power to Charge A Phone

24 November 2015
As free as they make us, mobile phones still need to stay close to a power source. Soon that may change with "green" power. VOA Khmer's Hong Chenda narrates. More

Video US, Cambodian Navies Pair up in the Gulf of Thailand

The U.S. navy has deployed one of its newest and most advanced ships to Cambodia to conduct joint training drills in the Gulf of Thailand. Riding hull-to-hull with Cambodian ships, the seamen of the USS Fort Worth are executing joint-training drills that will help build relations in Southeast Asia.

Whitening Cream Warnings Compete With Cultural Desire for Lighter Skin

A 2013 research showed that six of 14 skin-whitening creams had levels of mercury higher than allowed in Asean or the US.

Video 2015 Landmine Report in Cambodia

Following decades of conflict, Cambodia is one of the most landmine affected countries. A new U.S. State Department report highlights U.S. efforts to help protect innocent men, women and children in Cambodia from these deadly remnants of war. VOA Khmer's Hong Chenda narrates.

Filmmaker Sees Online Censorship as Danger to Cambodian Democracy

Freedom of expression online plays an important role in Cambodia’s developing democracy says Ellen Grant, who recently produced a documentary called "Cyber-Democracy: Cambodia, Kafka's Kingdom."

Video More Cambodians Use Mobile Devices to Send Money

Until a few years ago, Cambodian workers in urban areas were sending money to their families back home in the countryside by taxi. But today, thanks to advances in mobile phone technology, there is a much cheaper and safer option for money transfers. VOA's Daniel de Carteret reports.

One Year On, Bus Lines Slowly Gaining in Popularity

Residents say they are growing to appreciate the bus lines, which can ease traffic congestion in the crowded capital.

Media Experts Warn Against a Cyber-Crime Law That Hurts Online Freedom

A draft of the law from July obtained by VOA Khmer says its objective is combating digital crimes, intercepting data and preventing fraud and pornography.

Study: Elephants May Unlock Cancer Prevention Secret

Despite having 100 times more cells than humans, cancer among elephants is rare.

Editors Say Newspapers Not Threatened by Digital Media

In recent years, online news in Cambodia has increased, while the audience for online news websites and social media continues to grow.

Video Cambodian Farmers Prosper by Going Organic

Rising incomes, booming tourism industry boost demand for organic vegetables.

Video Thailand Set to Build China-like Internet Firewall

Thai officials say the plan isn't about censorship or spying; Thai citizens and businesses not so convinced

Video Thailand Set to Build China-like Internet Firewall

Thai authorities are planning to tighten control over the Internet, creating a single international access point so they can better monitor content. VOA Correspondent Steve Herman reports from Bangkok on what is being called Thailand’s own "Great Firewall."

Genocide Institute Wins Website Award

The W3 Award honors “creative excellence on the web,” and are selected by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.

Phnom Penh Mulling New Highway to Airport

About “70 percent” of the people polled want a toll road and would be willing to pay up to $2 to use it.

Solar Power Stymied by Lack of Support, Experts Say

Cambodia remains a country with a high degree of solar radiation, making it a good place for solar, according to the Asian Development Bank.

Lack of ID Inhibiting Voter Registration Process

The Ministry of Interior recently began providing a new type of ID card, to replace expired identification nationwide.

Following Arrests, Groups Issue Nine Principles of Internet Freedom

21 NGOs issued their nine principles, which include protections for the human rights on the Internet, freedom of speech and freedom of information.

Social Media Allows Expression, But Users Weigh the Risks of Rumor

Facebook is the most popular social network in Cambodia, and Cambodians use the site to share news stories, or firsthand accounts of events.

Tech Company Looks to Expand Reach Beyond Cambodia

Codingate, a tech startup company, is ready to make a move to bring Cambodia’s IT service to the next level.

Election Monitor Launches New App for Voters

The “Cambodian Voters Voice” app allows constituents to evaluate, rate and comment on the performance of parliamentarians.

China Debates Egg-freezing Ban for Single Women

Debate began last month when Chinese actress Xu Jinglei disclosed that she had gone to US to have nine of her eggs frozen.

Website Names No Longer As Easy As 'ABC'

More and more websites are popping up with domain names that don’t use the Latin alphabet.

Tech Designer Hopes To Create Better Data System for Hospitals

Programmer Kong Divin recently returned from a trip to the US, where he won second place in a Microsoft Office context in Texas.

Cambodia Well Suited for Solar, Though Use Remains Low

Cambodia has a high degree of solar radiation, making the country a good place for the renewable energy source, a report from the Asian Development Bank says.

Video Rats Trained to Sniff Out Landmines in Cambodia

Landmines have killed an estimated 20,000 Cambodians since the civil war ended in 1975. Now, Cambodia’s leading demining organization is training a group of rats to sniff mines out, so they can be removed safely. Maia Pujara has more.

Cambodians Take to the Web to Make Internet Law Suggestions

Millions of Cambodians are now connected to the Internet thanks to cheap high-speed connections and smartphones.

On Facebook, a Potential Venue for Women’s Rights

A 2015 report by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications says more than 5 million Cambodians have access to the Internet.

Cambodian Schoolboy Takes Gold for Clean Water Idea

Lim Theanhok was awarded a gold medal for a science project, winning out among contestants from 69 countries at the annual Genius Olympiad in New York on June 15-19.

Video Pilot Project Using Software to Boost Rice Production Is Underway in Cambodia

Pilot Project Using Software to Boost Rice Production Underway in Cambodia Cambodia is a small country with big aspirations. By the end of 2015 it aims to become one of the world's major rice exporters - which means it will have to almost triple exports of milled rice in the next sixteen months. How does it plan to do this? The solution might come from a surprising place. AP, Cambodia

Panel Weighs in on the Struggle of Police Power and Citizen Journalism

The invention of the smart phone triggered the era of citizen journalism revealing the complex relationship between a citizen’s right and the police’s duty to protect.

Website Crowdsources Comments on Draft ‘Cybercrime’ Law

The website establishes a “wiki”-like crowd-sourcing platform for comments on the law, even though the public has not been able to see the draft.

'Geek’ Girls Prove Tech Is Not Just for Boys

Their app, ImEX, creates an online market for farmers, where they can sell their products, pairing consumer demand with farmers supply.

Chinese Hackers Break Into US Federal Worker Database

Office of Personnel Management says it detected security breach in April, estimates as many as 4 million current and former federal employees may have been affected.

Semifinalists Chosen in Global Entrepreneur Competition

Global Innovation Through Science and Technology has so far engaged some 2.8 million entrepreneurs worldwide, and the program has helped shape 4,500 startups, with $800 million in revenue.

Video Cambodia's Underwater UXO Team Marks First Successful Bomb Recovery

In Cambodia a dive team trained with U.S. State Department funding to remove unexploded ordinance from rivers and waterways has successfully completed its first mission. VOA Khmer's Cheoung Pochin narrates.

Video Cambodian Underwater Mine Team Finds Success

Elite crew, trained with US support, recovers and defuses bomb in Mekong River on its first mission.

Report Highlights Fears of Impending Cyber-Law in Cambodia

Critics worry laws to curb cyber-crime and govern telecommunications will clamp down on few opportunities for free speech.

Multimedia Hubble Telescope Marks 25 Years in Space

Over past quarter-century, orbiting workhorse has sent back thousands of images of planets and remote galaxies, expanding our knowledge of universe in unimagined ways.

Video Obama Announces New Funds to Expand Science Education

U.S. President Barack Obama has announced nearly a quarter-billion dollars in new pledges to support the study of science, technology, engineering and math, a group of fields jointly called STEM. VOA Khmer's Cheoung Pochin narrates.

40th Anniversary of Khmer Rouge Takeover

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In Cambodian Capital, Political Motives Seen Behind Canceled Water Festivali
30 November 2015
For the fourth time in the five years since more than 350 people were killed in a stampede at Cambodia’s annual water festival, authorities canceled the event this year. Officials blamed environmental reasons as the cause, but many see it as fallout from rising political tensions with a fresh wave of ruling party intimidation against the opposition. David Boyle reports from Phnom Penh.

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Save Face (Movie: Just Go With It)i
03 November 2014
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Video Save Face (Movie: Just Go With It)

You can say, "I can't believe he's not accepting responsibility for his mistakes. To 'save face' he continues to make excuses for himself." What does it mean? Watch here. For more videos - go to youtube.com/KhmerSpecialEnglish. To contact Mani & Mori - write to them at maniandmori@gmail.com.

Video You've Got To Be Kidding (Movie: Bedtime Stories)

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Video All Thumbs (Movie: Minority Report)

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Video Carry Out (Movie: Jane Eyre)

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