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Two Parties Ordered to Correct Election Registration

Ministry of Interior officials will meet with a delegation of opposition leaders this week to discuss complaints of political bias at the National Election Committee, file photo.
PHNOM PENH - The National Election Committee has ordered two parties to correct their documentation, following the end of the registration period for July’s national parliamentary election.

The Khmer Anti-Poverty Party and the Khmer Economic Development Party were among eight parties to submit registration for the upcoming elections in July, but NEC officials say there were mistakes in their documents.

The Khmer Economic Development Party, for example, did not include a list of candidates to contest the July 28 elections.

The eight registrant parties mark a downturn from the 2008 election, which had 11 parties participating, the NEC said Monday. Five of them, including the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party, have been approved.

On Tuesday, the NEC ordered the Anti-Poverty Party and the Economic Development Party to correct some basic information on candidates, Tep Nitha, secretary-general of the NEC, told VOA Khmer.