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Stockholm Water Institution Awards City Authority

The Stockholm International Water Institute has given its annual award to Phnom Penh’s water agency for self-sufficiency and high-quality performance in water supply.

“The [Phnom Penh Water Authority] has successfully fought corruption and shown this can be achieved in a developing country on a large-scale basis using simple but effective management techniques that are based on well-accepted business principles and strategies,” the institute said in a statement.

The award will be conferred to the Phnom Penh Water Authority during World Water Week in Stockholm, which begins Sept. 5.

“My team is encouraged by this prestigious award to carry on our mission to increase collection efficiency, improve water regulation, and deliver affordable water to the poor," said Ek Sun Chan, director general of the water agency.

The authority worked to refurbish the city’s entire supply system and introduced cost-effective billing and payment collection methods, as well as management to provide water to almost all of the city’s residents, starting from 1998, the institute said in its statement.

“The PPWA has a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility,” it said. “It has shown the developing world as a whole that large cities can expect continuous access to clean water.”