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Rescue Party Official Says Compromise Was Necessary in Political Deal

Cambodia National Rescue Party Deputy President Kem Sokha greets supporters during a rally in Phnom Penh, file photo.

Kem Sokha, the vice president of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party, is on a trip to the US.

Kem Sokha told supporters in Los Angeles over the weekend that he was not fully satisfied with the political deal the Rescue Party struck with the ruling Cambodian People’s Party last July—but it was necessary in order to make further reforms in the future.

Both sides have agreed on two draft laws to reform the election process, but pro-democracy groups say the reform laws create problems with freedom of speech and assembly.

Kem Sokha told supporters that election reforms are necessary, as was working together with the CPP within the National Assembly.

He urged patience, and told supporters not to be concerned the opposition has been “tricked” by the ruling party.