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Opposition Youth Preparing Complaint Over 2010 Bridge Disaster

Cambodians walk on a bridge (now removed) on which hundreds of people stampeded during a water festival on Nov. 22, 2010.
Members of a youth group attached to the opposition Sam Rainsy Party say they plan to file a complaint with the International Criminal Court over the deaths of some 350 people in a bridge stampede on this day in 2010.

The Diamond Bridge disaster took place during the annual Water Festival, after thousands of people clogged the bridge, then panicked.

An official inquiry found no fault of the government or security forces that had allowed conditions for the stampede to occur, but Soung Sophoan, head of the SRP youth arm, told VOA Khmer he will file a complaint against Prime Minister Hun Sen and other officials for allowing the disaster to take place.

Government spokesman Phay Siphan said the complaint was likely being undertaken for political gain.

No memorials have been held in the two years since the tragedy, though the government did erect a statue at the site of the bridge.