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Lake Residents Wary of Commission’s Land Measurements

In 2007, the city government issued a $79-million, 99-year lease to Shukaku, Inc., which is owned by ruling party Senator Lao Meng Khim.

Residents facing eviction from the Boeung Kak lake area in Phnom Penh have asked a city commission to cease land-plot measurements there, saying they want to have a chance themselves to measure the land they could be allowed to live on as a solution to a land dispute that has dogged the development since 2008.

Residents say they are worried the land measurements are not being done transparently, raising concerns they could be given smaller plots than anticipated.

The land-plotting scheme is a compromise by the city and developers in the ongoing land dispute over the $79-million, 133-hectare development site.

However, Tep Vanny, a representative of the lake residents, said they had refused to thumb-print a document affirming the land measurements and had asked for the commission to delay its work until villagers can confirm them.

The residents want their own representatives as part of the commission, to ensure fairness, he said.

Another representative Ly Srey Mom, said residents want official documentation from the city administration confirming the land plots.

A city official said the administration would consider the request.