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Breaking the Silence- A New Cambodian Play

This play is about regaining hope. We will tell you stories. The real stories of people who survived the Khmer Rouge era. Stories that continue to evolve. You’re invited to imagine their future, which could also be your future.

VOA Khmer, in collaboration with the Documentation Center of Cambodia, presents a RADIO VERSION of "Breaking the Silence- A New Cambodian Play".

A story about divided people: two women and two men in their 50's. A story about two women who were young, so very young when their lives were ruined: and now are two adult women in their 40's. A story about betrayal and guilt: a 76 year old woman, caring for her 51 year old son. A story about a student who dreamed about a better world: a man of 52 meets his mother of 75. A story about a little girl, who wanted to say sorry but could not: she's now 38 years old. A story about a girl who stopped talking: then she was a teenager, now she's 47. A story about a boy and a girl who were once upon a time dear friends: they are nearly 50 years old.

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